Our historic Figured Ingrain Carpet in the document colorway, first half of the 19th century.

Thistle Hill has been weaving authentic historic reproduction Venetian Carpet and Ingrain Carpet for over 20 years. Our carpets are 100% wool and extremely long lasting. We weave them in custom colors and sizes, in historic, traditionally inspired, and con­temporary patterns. Our carpets look beautiful installed wall to wall, as hall or stair runners, or as area rugs.

We make all kinds of flat weave carpets, from fancy figured ingrain such as the example you see above, to early geometric ingrain and striped Venetian carpeting. Our patterns come from surviving historic examples (a piece of the original figured ingrain that we reproduced above survives in the Metropolitan Museum in NY), from period weavers' drafts, and from traditionally inspired designs.

Figured Ingrain Carpet
On the left, our figured ingrain carpet installed in Costigan House, Historic Madison, Indiana. On the right is a geometric Ingrain carpets installed in a Federal house. This is from a weaver's draft book published in 1817, and it works well in high style interiors like this one.

Here is another of our Geometric Ingrain carpets installed wall to wall. This is a larger block pattern, also taken from a historic weaver's draft book.

We can produce very close reproductions of historic carpet. This image shows a surviving original fragment (above) and our reproduction (below) as it is being woven on the loom. We custom dyed the yarns and matched the pattern exactly.

Here's one of our traditionally inspired Venetian Carpets installed in a hall and staircase. You can have custom carpet and superior quality in a modern adaptation of a historic carpet design.

Our Venetian Carpets can be installed on curving and complex staircases. Pie-shaped stairs and landings are no problem.

This all wool Venetian Carpet is woven in "The Hartford Figure," a pattern from an early Connecticut weaver's draft book. Venetian carpets work very well on stairs, and they were often installed on staircases in period homes.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our custom carpets, please contact us We would be glad to send you samples and guide you through the process of ordering a custom carpet.

We can also recommend installers who are familiar with our carpets and are sensitive to the requirements of historic homes. We especially like

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